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Origin of Goods and Preferences

Save as much as possible on your import duties

The place and method of manufacture determine the origin of the goods. So you would expect determining origin to be fairly straightforward. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Finished goods are made up of parts, all manufactured in different countries. Suddenly, a simple cabinet becomes a complex product in terms of origin determination and raw material, where a semi-finished product is more for the production process of a chemical product, while a cabinet is just screws, shelves and doors.

Preferential or non-preferential origin?


TaxCus checks for you whether your products comply with the rules of origin in order to save as much import duty as possible. The total value of materials used from third countries must not exceed 40% of the manufacturing cost of your product to qualify for the preferential origin label.

This involves complicated calculations in many cases. To achieve a satisfactory result, you need in-depth knowledge of this complex matter. TaxCus supports you in preparing your application and thus provides you with legal certainty and faster passage through the customs procedure.

More information on binding tariff rulings. 

Warenursprung und Präferenzen

Services for Origin of Goods and Preferences

  • Plausibility check of the customs tariff number

  • Analysis and determination of the origin of goods

  • Check of the currently valid rules of origin

  • Execution of preference calculations

  • Creation of electronic certificates of origin

  • Examination of supplier declarations from a customs law perspective

  • Obtaining, checking and maintaining supplier declarations

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