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Excise Duties

Goods subject to excise duty

Trade in excisable goods is subject to certain requirements such as registration obligations, tax declarations, etc.


Excise duties include:


  • Energy tax / electricity tax

  • Greenhouse gas tax (for biofuels)

  • Alcohol tax

  • Beer tax

  • Sparkling wine tax

  • Alcopop tax

  • Tobacco tax

  • Coffee tax


We offer professional support

if you do business with excisable goods. We support and clarify


  • all questions about licenses and procedures

  • whether and to what extent exemption can be applied for, and 

  • regarding the relevant excise tax rates.


Our experienced team of specialists has extensive experience with every form of excise duty and all products to which it applies.

In the context of energy tax, we also advise on any tax relief options (including peak compensation in the manufacturing sector).

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